Welcome to Han lab!


Our laboratory is a multidisciplinary laboratory of epigenetics, genomics, stem cell biology, immunology, chemical biology, bioinformatics and big data analysis. We committ to interpreting life phenomena through omics big data, using advanced epigenetic and bioinformatics technologies, combining computational (dry) and experimental (wet) methods to answer the important scientific questions of tumor immune responses, stem cell fate determination, and tissue/organ regeneration.

Our main interests are:

(1) Study the dynamic changes of epigenetic modification of tumor cells and immune cells in the tumor microenvironment, and clarify the tumor immune escape mechanism (Lihui Dong, et al. Cancer Cell, 2021.(In Press); Yi Liu, et al. Cell Metabolism, 2021; Dali Han, et al. Nature, 2019)

(2) Analyze the precise regulation mechanism of RNA modification in the maintenance, transformation and reprogramming of embryonic stem cell pluripotency, and apply it to stem cell medicine and tissue/organ regeneration (Jun Liu, et al. Science, 2020)

(3) Develop machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, integrate epigenome, epitranscriptome data, and clinical medical information to accurately predict, diagnose and treat cancer, and realize precision medicine (Dali Han, et al. Molecular Cell, 2016)